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Eitri’s Adjustable Carrier

Eitri’s Adjustable Carrier


Adjustable BCG manufactured for Eitri’s Enhancements, LLC

We are finally able to bring what we believe to be the ideal solution to reduce over-gassing in 300blk platforms!

Not only that, but we choose to do so with a drop-in solution which requires zero modifications to your platform!

No need to re-zero, no need to disassemble your upper, no need for special long Allen keys that can reach into your handguard, and best of all, no commitment!

This BCG uses Rubber City Armory’s patented gas key for adjustment. This adjustment is infinite and is locked by a second set screw which sits behind it.

To top it off, we have these assembled with Ned Christiansen’s OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws) for a complete and bulletproof installation!

This set screw locking method is very well proven and is present on Q’s Honey Badger gas block!

The gas key on this BCG also supports the use of POF’s roller cam pin if you would like to reduce friction even further!

These BCG’s are nitrided by H&M Black Nitride.

Note: we do not recommend using adjustable gas for the 6” barrel, but if you do prefer to have one, we recommend the use of this carrier instead of an adjustable gas block.

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