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Faxon 6” 1:5 300BLK Barrel with Headspaced BCM Bolt

Faxon 6” 1:5 300BLK Barrel with Headspaced BCM Bolt

SKU: 15B35P6NGQ-5R-NP3

The 6” Barrel manufactured by Faxon Firearms

This is hands down one of our favorites.

It offers everything we love about 300blk at a great price.

Each one of the barrels we receive is inspected for proper headspace and matched with a BCM C158 bolt to ensure trouble free performance!

The reason we don’t sell them separately is due to us wanting to ensure that anything that leaves our store will be absolutely trouble free!

Headspace is an issue we have dealt with in the past. Too short of headspace could plague your platform with a number of chambering and cycling problems.

While to long of headspace could be dangerous to the shooter.

So we choose to avoid these 2 ends by matching barrels and bolts!

The gas port itself is also inspected for the proper .125” sizing.

This barrel is made in 416R stainless steel and features 5R rifling with a 1:5 twist!

  • Disclaimer

    These barrels and bolts are a matched set and should not be interchanged between other barrels and bolts.

    You may find scuff marks on the bolts themselves from the gauging process which requires the removal of the ejector and extractor. Any potential scuffs are “blue’d” for cosmetic purposes.

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