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300BLK Troubleshooting Webinar

Every Saturday at 10:00 AM EST

We know more than anybody that a simple change can have a DRASTIC effect on function for your firearm needs. The fact of the matter is that firearms are a synchronized machine, change one part and you risk upsetting the rest.

For this we are now offering a 300BLK Troubleshooting Webinar every Saturday at 10 AM EST to assist you with any issues your build may be facing.


Please use the button above for access to our webinar!

Topics that can be covered:

  • Synchronized multi-function processes

  • Gas system understanding

  • Gas efficiency

  • Tolerance Stacking

  • Component function understanding

  • Bolt speed's effect on case ejection

  • Case length's effect on ejection

  • Understanding of operational sub-functions

  • Energy transfer to alternate sub-functions

  • Modification of parts for improved energy transfer to alternate sub-functions

  • And More!

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