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Why the FAQ won't it work?!

We understand things can be difficult sometimes.

Heck! We started this site based on us smashing our heads against a wall for years trying to find answers to our 300blk issues!

Please scroll down to find answers to common questions!

My 300blk build wont cycle subsonic ammunition, what do I need to make it work?

Thats why we are here! Please head over to our Under-Gassed Solutions product page and look into the many items we offer to help resolve this issue.

All the products we offer in this area have a full description of their benefits to help resolve your under-gassed situation.

You'll be surprised by what can help remedy this situation!

My 300blk build cycles subsonic ammunition just fine, but now I have issues with supersonic ammunition, what can I do to fix the issue without affecting subsonic performance?

We have a solution for this! since 300blk operates at such a wide range of gas pressures, making a setup that can run subsonic ammunition may cause the system to be too aggressive for common AR15 parts to keep up with.

Please go to our Over-Gassed Solutions product page where you will find all the parts that will assist with resolving functional issues with supersonic ammunition.

Whats the difference between a 1-piece McFarland gas ring and a 3-piece mil-spec gas ring?

Please watch our YouTube video where we dive deep into the benefits and differences of each.

Video Found Here

My 1-piece gas ring fails the standard gas ring test, is it defective? Should I replace it?

That depends! The standard gas ring test does not apply to 1-piece gas rings.

If you would like to know if your gas ring is still good to use in your bolt carrier, Watch This Video to learn how to check if your 1-piece gas ring is still good to use.

When will my order ship?

We are currently running shipping as a one-man operation. Although we would love to dedicate all of our time to Eitri's Enhancements LLC we still have many tasks to complete throughout the week.

Shipping times are expected to be between 2-5 business days after the order is placed.

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