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Where We Came From

From Fuel Injected Systems to Gas Operated Weapons

Our roots can be traced to the automotive field, where we have resided for years performing product testing and development for several OEM´s in Michigan.

With our acquired knowledge and experience, as well as our love for firearms we have decided to merge both and create what you currently know as Eitri's Enhancements LLC.

The current Eitri's Enhancements LLC that you see today came to be from a YouTube channel which sought to assist others with their firearms needs. Originally with the idea of increased performance for reduced cost, debunking myths, problem solving, and in depth analysis/audit of firearms components.

To this day we still stand true to that. However, now we are trying to continue our research and development with the assistance of the consumer. Not by asking for money, but instead we chose to offer our findings in a way that can assist our customers while also providing funding for us to continue providing solutions in the firearms industry.

Staying True To The Name

"Is There A Better Way?"

In our past we have always focused on improving everything we own, wether thats function, form, cost, ease of use, adaptability, you name it! If it makes it better we will want to be a part of it!

We wanted a name which represented who we are. Hence the name "Enhancements".

Cool, cool, we know why "Enhancements", but what the hell is "Eitri"?

Do you remember the giant dwarf with messed up hands in that superhero movie where Thor travels to a dying star to get a new weapon because his sister broke his hammer?

Yes sir! That would be Eitri, or at least a hollywood representation of him.

Eitri is a dwarf originating from Norse mythology and was the one who forged weapons for the gods. Yes, including Mjolnir (Thor´s Hammer).

You should be able to see the connection now that you know who Eitri is!

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