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(3x) Enhanced 30rnd Magazine Spring

(3x) Enhanced 30rnd Magazine Spring


Enhanced Magazine Springs manufactured by ISMI


This is for the sale of THREE (3) springs.


These are extra power chrome silicon springs designed to work in 30 round ar15 magazines.


We chose this springs to help alleviate bolt over base malfunctions for setups with extremely high bolt velocities for supers.


These springs also aid in subsonic feeding as their increased strength improve the follower's ability to push the heavier subsonic projectiles upwards.


We only recommend these springs to be used on Magpul 300blk PMAG 30’s.



A small modification is required to the magazine “lock-plate” in order to use these springs in PMAGs. The modification is simple and will not affect function even if used with the original magazine springs. (An example of the modification can be found in the product images)

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