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B.A.D. High-Speed Bolt Catch

B.A.D. High-Speed Bolt Catch


Enhanced Bolt Catch manufactured by Battle Arms Development.


We started using these NOT for their looks, but actually for their physical properties.


Deep into our 300blk journey we experienced extremely high bolt velocities. So fast that the bolt would actually outpace the bolt catch on an empty mag and give us the ol’dreadful AK47 “click” right as soon as we went to pull the trigger on the perfect sight alignment.


We came to the realization that all those extra fancy bolt catches have a problem in common. They are too heavy…..


See the bolt catch itself has to pivot on the pin. There is a term called “moment of inertia” which in layman’s terms means: How hard an item is to rotate from being stationary.


Well, we all know this thing has to move fast, but have you ever tried accelerating a heavier object?

Yup, its harder.


So we decided to test the most balanced, lightweight bolt catch available.


The results speak for themselves, as we were able to solve our last round hold open issue, made our platform look cooler and the price was right where it should be! Whats not to love?!

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