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Reduced-Drag Hammer Spring

Reduced-Drag Hammer Spring


Reduced-Drag Hammer Spring selected by Eitri's Enhancements LLC.


This is our Reduced-Drag Hammer Spring specifically chosen by us to transfer more energy to cycling of the action on a gas-deprived system.


Holy crap.... You mean the hammer spring plays a role in how much energy it requires to cycle a gas system?


Just like a buffer spring, the less energy it takes to move the spring, the less energy is needed to cycle.


We at Eitri's Enhancements, LLC have tested and proven that the heavy mil-spec hammer spring is one of the largest problems for undergassed systems, as it is one of the first of many tasks the gas system has to overcome!


These springs remove approximately 1Lb of forward pre-load on the bolt itself during the unlocking stage, which is the equivalent to switching from a mil-spec buffer spring to a Sprinco Yellow Reduced Power Buffer Spring!!!!



These springs contain blue paint on the coils. This blue paint serves 2 purposes:

  • Identification of spring both in or out of the receiver.
  • Once installed, with the hammer resting against the bolt catch, if the blue paint is fully visible on the coils inside the receiver, this indicates the hammer spring was installed correctly. If the blue is not entirely visible, then the spring has been installed incorrectly.


Instructions for use:

We primarily recommend the use of this spring with 2-stage triggers as the majority of 2-stage triggers include a reduced mass hammer, and pull weight is unaffected by a reduced power hammer spring.


WARNING: Use of this spring with mil-spec triggers may require the hammer to be "bobbed" to prevent light strikes.


Examples of 2-stage hammers which can use this spring:

Larue MBT-2S

Geissele SSA/SSA-E, SD-C/SD-E, G2S

Schmid Tool 2-Stage


Disclaimer: Light strikes ocurring with this spring may vary as the firearms ability to ignite a primer is related to many things like:

Primer seat depth

Firing pin protrusion

Firing pin mass

Internal friction

Internal dimensional issues

Bolt headspace

And more.



If you encounter any issues with this product please Contact Us

so that we can assist you with your particular needs.

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